shop1 W1S1 [ʃɔp US ʃa:p] n
1¦(place where you buy things)¦
2¦(place which makes/repairs things)¦
3¦(school subject)¦
4 set up shop
5 shut up shop
6 talk shop
7 all over the shop
8¦(go shopping)¦
[: Old English; Origin: sceoppa 'stall']
1.) ¦(PLACE WHERE YOU BUY THINGS)¦ especially BrE a building or part of a building where you can buy things, food, or services
American Equivalent: storetoy/pet/shoe/gift etc shop
Her brother runs a record shop in Chester.
a barber's shop
a fish-and-chip shop
the local shops
Shirley saw her reflection in the shop window.
in the shops
New potatoes are in the shops now.
I'm just going down to the shops .
wander/browse around the shops
I spent a happy afternoon wandering around the shops.
a place where something is made or repaired
The generators are put together in the machine shop .
a bicycle repair shop
3.) ¦(SCHOOL SUBJECT)¦ also shop class [U]
AmE a subject taught in schools that shows students how to use tools and machinery to make or repair things
in shop
Doug made this table in shop.
wood/metal/print etc shop
One auto shop class is run just for girls.
4.) set up shop informal
to start a business
5.) shut up shop
BrE close up shop AmE informal to close a shop or business, either temporarily or permanently
6.) talk shop informal
to talk about things that are related to your work, especially in a way that other people find boring
I'm fed up with you two talking shop.
→↑shop talk
7.) all over the shopBrE spoken
a) scattered around untidily
There were bits of paper all over the shop.
b) confused and disorganized
I'm all over the shop this morning.
8.) ¦(GO SHOPPING)¦ [singular]
BrE spoken an occasion when you go shopping, especially for food and other things you need regularly
She always does the weekly shop on a Friday.
WORD CHOICE: shop, store
In British English, shop is the usual word and store is sometimes used to mean a very large shop where many different kinds of things are sold, for example a large supermarket or department store : They live opposite a row of shops. |This item is available in our London store .
In American English, store is the usual word and shop is sometimes used to mean a small store that sells one type of goods : Will you go to the store for me? | a card shop
In British English, you can talk about the shops : I'm going to the shops - do you want anything? But speakers of American English never say 'the stores'.
shop 2
shop2 S2 v past tense and past participle shopped present participle shopping
to go to one or more shops to buy things
shop for
I usually shop for vegetables in the market.
shop at
She always shops at Tesco's.
2.) go shopping [i]also be out shopping
to go to one or more shops to buy things, often for enjoyment
The next day, Saturday, we went shopping.
Mum's out shopping with Granny.
3.) [T] BrE informal to tell the police about someone who has done something illegal
He was shopped by his ex-wife.
shop around phr v
to compare the price and quality of different things before you decide which to buy
Prices vary widely so shop around before you buy.
shop around for
Take time to shop around for the best deal.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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